The new InvestRomania website dedicated to foreign investors was launched during today’s Government meeting

Bucharest, May 18 2016

Today, during Government’s meeting, InvestRomania launched the new website dedicated to foreign investors. Its purpose is to offer information about the Romanian economic


SWT company, projects amounting to a total of 80 million euros in Romania

The InvestRomania team was present today at the Tecuci City Hall, where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the City Hall and the Spanish company Sustainable Waste

Interview for El Economista

Manuel Costescu

Secretary of State InvestRomania

“The base of Spanish economy is more solid than its political system”

El Economista - SdS Manuel Costescu



Interview of the state secretary Manuel Costescu for The European Times newspaper

The European Times – Manuel Costescu


“Opportunities for the IT&C Industry within the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – TTIP”

Following the “Industry of the month” calendar in May, a month that is destinated to promote the IT&C industry, the InvestRomania team took part today in a roundtable

Slack for iOS Upload (3)

„Romanian Clusters Striving for Excellence”

The InvestRomania team took part today in the first event of the series “Industry of the month –IT&C – May 2016”.

„Romanian Clusters Striving for Excellence” seminar

Industry of the month – events agenda in May

Here is the list of events that we will be attending during the IT&C month.


6.05 – Romanian Clusters Striving for Excellence: